Tallit Project has been a continuous photographic journey since 1998. It has been exhibited nationally and internationally by Gallery Nine Five, New York City. Having lived in Europe stripped almost entirely of its Jewish community; the artist went on a series of trips to revisit her homeland, rediscover her past and to commune with her ancestors. In this tribute to the artists lost family, Tallit Project grew out of the search for life and the recognition of its tangible, unforgettable qualities. All the prints are digital copies of an original print done in Klara's lab in New York. Prints have been done by hand in a meticulous process of toning and bleaching, which makes them one of a kind. The recipe for their original quality remains the artist's secret. Special thanks to Dasha Rittenberg and Alan Zwiebel of New York City who provided me with his own Tallit and made this project possible!

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© Klara Landrat 2017